Sunday, October 17, 2010

Any second now

As we sat in our room we kept looking at each other we were so excited so nervous so many feelings mix into one. I had so many thoughts running through my head yet I couldn’t say one word just sort of stood still in disbelief. They hooked Kelly up to yet another drip which we thought was for pain relief but what actually turned out to be something to speed things along. Kelly was also had a monitor on as well it was so nice to hear the baby’s heart beat but suddenly it stopped I was a little worried but Kelly wasn’t she told me that we have a baby that doesn’t really like to stay still for long and being some what of a veteran of monitoring sessions was used to this and just adjusted the device on her belly until we had the heart beat again. The contractions were starting and at first Kelly said they weren’t too bad, I thought to myself I bet that’s what they all say at first and was quietly bracing myself for the big ones to start. To speed things along the nurse suggested sitting on a large exercise ball and bouncing up and down for a bit which I don’t think Kelly enjoyed as much as me watching cause she didn’t do it for long. After about an hour or so the contractions started to build momentum and intensity and Kelly had change her opinion of them from “not so bad” to “I don’t like it”  By the two hour mark Kelly’s water broke so I ran and got a nurse. She came and checked Kelly and said “its time” It was so amazing we were so close to having our perfect family and in the next hour or so we were going to be able to hold our beautiful baby.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Any minute now

Our first weekend back was great and it was back to the hospital to have the check up like we were told part of me didn’t fancy going back but it was the right thing to do and the safest place to be so we went back to the maternity ward and I assumed my sleeping spot in the waiting room. Which after being in there so much everyone was getting used to seeing a large unconscious guy slumped in the corner. Kelly was being monitored for any contractions which by now was pretty normal for us, this usually took about an hour so when Kelly woke me three hours later I was a little confused why she had taken so long and I was a happy that I still had my wallet. The doctors had asked Kelly to come get me as they needed to talk to us both.. all I could think is “what now” We sat down and received a bit of news we wasn’t expecting at all we were told in a matter hours the baby would be here! After my three hour nap it was the fastest I’ve ever woken up in my life. Like a big slap right round the face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing even after everything that had happened it still felt so surreal. I was so excited so was Kelly but I could tell she was more than a little nervous and who could blame her knowing what she was about to go through,  you hear so many stories and as this was both our first child  we never knew what really to expect.  As they led us to the our room I just kept thinking the time was finally here, I was going to be a dad.