Friday, September 24, 2010

More hospital blues

Later that night we were moved form the emergency ward to a a room on the 7th floor as we arrived I was disappointed to see that it was not a private room but a double room with a curtain divide and the to make things worse there was no spare bed for me just a small old leather chair that has seen way too many bums that slightly reclined back. This didn't really worry me as i we won't be here to long or so i thought, after a long and uncomfortable night in which me and Kelly hadn't slept a wink Kelly was wheeled out of the room down to observation to have her contractions monitored leaving me twiddling my thumbs in the room with only a t.v which the other person in the room was already watching. I always find it strange that no matter how boring the program you will still sit and watch. After watching daytime t.v for the longest ever Kelly's breakfast was brought in I was so hungry by this point and took all my will power not to have a peak which would have lead to tasting. When Kelly was brought back she had a big long tube with a drip attached to her arm she was told that this was to stop her contractions as they were getting to big and could cause her to go into labour. Kelly started her breakfast and I made my way down to the cafeteria as I looked through the prices I realised that this was going to be an expensive week and didn't fancy having to have my bank manager with me every time i needed to eat. There were signs all over the hospital saying that outside food was not permitted so that began the week of smuggling food in and out of the hospital. As we still have rent and bills to pay I continued to go to work leaving the hospital early in the morning and coming back and staying the night and that's how it was for a while,each day hoping to go back home and each day the doctors saying that we would have to stay longer, then one day I had a phone call from Kelly in tears my heart felt like it was being crushed as Kelly told me that the doctors had done a scan of the baby and it showed the she only had one artery and as much as i wanted to be strong for Kelly i couldn't fight back the tears.


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