Friday, October 1, 2010

From great to worse

As I said before Kelly was having daily monitoring sessions and weekly scan pics so we were getting quite an collection going and I just couldn’t help but stare at this little version of us growing with every scan taken. new-1


 Our little baby girl was here right in front of us and with every picture I saw I felt more and more like a dad I just couldn’t wait.


Already we keep looking at the pictures and thinking how cute and perfect she was.


I mean to think that we could have done something so wonderful and great. Then on one morning after my always enjoyable wake up call the nurses came to take Kelly away as usual and I was trying to figure out what film I was going to watch again for the 3rd time when the nurses told me that I could go along as well this time as they were going to do some internal scans of the baby this time. On the way down I was feeling excited as I haven’t be allowed in with Kelly whilst she was having her scan for along time and was looking forward to seeing the baby move around on the screen. The doctor was friendly as was doing a good job of commentating on what parts of the baby he was scanning but when he got to the heart the commentary stopped and his expression changed to a look of concern. I thought to myself that there couldn’t be anything else wrong not now, not after all that we have been to get here. Then he dropped the bomb “I’m sorry but the baby has 3 holes in her heart”…..


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