Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hospital nights are the longest

We were still in hospital which was starting to feel like forever even more so for Kelly who had to be here every waking hour so we tried to amuse ourselves playing a few games and watching a lot of films and t.v programs on the laptop, Which I had brought in from home Now this didn't really impress the cleaning staff too much as I needed an extension lead and a multi tap to run the laptop and external hard drive. The doctors and nurses were very helpful and polite with us but the only complaint I have about the staff were the cleaners I don't what I did to annoy them but i must of upset them in a previous life because every weekend when I wasn't at work I would receive my daily wake up alarm which included a nice kick of the bed, get the hell up followed by funny looks and a nice melody of what are all these cables plugged into the sockets where the life support machines would normally be.With me working all week and not sleeping well at night getting out of bed early on a weekend was getting harder and harder no matter how uncomfortable the bed was sleeping at night was no longer a given but more of a bonus. I've never really been around new born babies before and living on an maternity ward mostly awake at night I soon discovered how much babies really cry which was to be expected but it was the variety of the different cries the babies had which amazed me the most one baby actual sounded like a car alarm going off I kept waiting for someone to come along with a car fob and turn him off or hit the snooze button and another baby's cry was so high pitched I think only dogs could hear her.As I mentioned before we were sharing a room and we had a lot of different people coming in giving birth and then leaving whilst Kelly Just watched on and waited. I could see this was starting to get to Kelly who after 3 weeks was getting a little bored and testy.All I could do it just try to reassure her and kept telling her that we were in the safest place we could be for both her and the baby and it wouldn't be long before we could all go home or so I secretly hoped.


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