Friday, October 8, 2010

Not long now

It had been 5 weeks since Kelly’s unexpected ambulance ride to hospital and we were still waiting for the doctor to say when we could go everyday we were told maybe tomorrow Maybe tomorrow. We had made a friends with the staff on the floor we have been staying on (not the cleaning staff)  but by this point we were starting to pull our hair out through boredom we had already exhausted every film, TV series and games we had. So all we could do is sit and wait and wait we did just for something, anything to happen and then we had some unexpected visit from one of the doctors overseeing Kelly’s labour he explained that it needed a joint decision form three doctors to allow us to go home and two of the them thought it would be safe for us to go home but one of them was always saying no. but he wasn’t here today and enough was enough it was time for us to go. Which was good enough for us! We never packed so fast in our lives and as we left leaving the dust cloud in our wake the doctor told us to be back Monday for a check up. Back at the parents house Kelly enjoyed he first unaided shower with out being attach to a drip in over 5 weeks and I was enjoy a nice hot meal instead of chocolate biscuits. That night we went to bed and it was then when I realised how good the little things in life can be, like being in the same bed as my fiancé and so happy just to lie down flat on a real bed that wasn’t made off rotting leather that smelled of 5 weeks of me and everyone else that had used it before me things were really starting to look up.


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