Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to hosiptal

Around the time Kelly was seven months pregnant we went to the hospital just like we have been doing for pretty much the whole pregnancy we sat in the waiting room then went in to see the doctor. The doctor asked how Kelly was feeling and she told her about a bearing down sensation she started the to have the night before. I had put this down to braxton hicks contractions and nothing to worry about but in Kelly's eyes i wasn't a doctor and i wasn't really qualified to make any diagnosis on the subject and thought it best to tell the doctor. It was a good job we didn't rely on my doctoring skills as it wasn't braxton hicks it was in fact Kelly had started to go into labour and was already 2cm dilated i couldn't believe what i was hearing. I was asked to leave the room for a moment whilst more checks where done. So there i was out in the hall trying to take in all that was happening but one of the main thoughts running through my mind is we're not ready this is too soon and it wasn't just that i don't think we were ready to be parents but the room wasn't even finished and we didn't have all the things that the baby needed and the things we did was still in there boxes! We were under the impression that we still had about two more months to finish. But really i should have been thinking not about whether i was ready but if the baby was ready and if it was even safe to have the baby this early. As i waited in the hall where it seemed like time stood still I saw Kelly being wheeled out on an ambulance trolley! I spoke to our doctor and she told me that they didn't have the necessary facilities to handle this situation and Kelly was being transferred to another hospital almost an hour away I just couldn't believe this was happening it all seamed so surreal.


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