Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hospital blues

So the next thing I know I'm racing back to our house trying to think of all the things that Kelly would need and put them all in to an over night bag. This of course is another thing that we should of had ready but didn't because we thought we had plenty of time. The hospital was about an hour away in a city size town that I didn't know my way round so I started to panic as I was slowly forgetting where the doctor had told me the hospital was. But its a hospital and how many could there be in one town.... Well as it turns out four! four that I had found anyway. So turning up at the forth hospital car park i raced into reception and ask where i could find Kelly. The receptionist clearly seeing how worried I was and this was clearly an emergency went as slowly as humanly possible looking through her computer after yet another lifetime had passed I was told she was down in the emergency maternity ward which was on the bottom floor. So off I raced again into the lift to the bottom floor only to find I had been directed to which i can only describe as the waste disposal area after, about 15 mins of aimlessly wandering the halls looking for signs for the ward I was told by the only helpful person I had met that day that the ward was in a different building on the bottom floor which I had to go outside cross the staff car park to get to. Now why wasn't i told this in the first place or maybe just a helpful sign. "you know the ones with you are here sticker" would of saved a lot of time and me looking stupid in some basement. I go into the emergency ward and dam another hurdle or receptionist as there more commonly called. I started again Is Kelly here... no I was told again, by this point starting to get a little annoyed but just as i was thinking about taking the guy out of reception and into a hospital bed one of the ambulance drivers recognised me and took me into the ward where Kelly was. "you know the ward where 2 mins earlier I had just been told she wasn't" Seeing Kelly all safe and o.k was the best feeling i had all day and immediately calmed me down. Kelly explained how she will have to be here for a while whilst they check her contractions and I explained why the hell I had taken so long...


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