Sunday, September 26, 2010

More hospital blues continued

After speaking to Kelly all I wanted to do is get to that hospital but being over an hour away and covered in dirt from a days work I first had to get to a shower and then to the hospital. It always seem strange to me that when your in a rush you start to notice how much slower everyone is going and that you always feel the need to let them know with a bit of friendly yelling and gesturing, but when your not in a rush everybody else is speeding around like manics that should really slow down and stop yelling abuse at you. When I finally arrived I burst into the room expecting to see my fiance still in tears but instead I was presented with a rather sheepish looking fiance instead. As it turned out there had been a slight misunderstanding Kelly explained to me that it wasn't the baby with one artery but the umbilical cord that only had one instead of the usual two which the doctors had explained happens from time to time and was no real danger to the baby it would just mean that the baby would be a small baby and nothing to worry about. I asked Kelly how she had made this mistake and she told me that all she heard were the words cardiovascular and only 1 artery and all that was going through her head was that there was something seriously wrong and no matter how much the doctors tried to explain Kelly was in too much of a state to understand the mistake. I wish that maybe I could of had this information earlier to save the breakdown at work in front of clients, the fastest shower ever and the fact that it seemed like I had broken the land speed record to get here. But as long as Kelly and the baby were safe that was all that mattered, we just kept thinking that we would all be laughing about this one day....Well at least until I get the speeding ticket through the post.


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