Monday, September 13, 2010

The results are in!

After about a week we had a call from the doctors asking us to see her as soon as possible. Which of course didn't fill us with much confidence.
So we made our way down to the hospital and sat in the waiting room all sorts of worries were entering my head i knew i wanted this baby but until something happens that might take it away you never really know much, "I mean how can i miss something that i never really had but I just couldn't shake the feeling that we might be losing something so great" After what seemed a life time our number appeared on the screen and we made our way into the doctors office.
As we entered the doctor was going through a lot of paper work with Kelly's name on it. We sat down and braced ourselves then we were told... "there's a problem with you and the baby" the doctors said. It just felt like our world had just caved in on us as we sat and listened as the doctor told us that Kelly's liver was failing under the strain of the pregnancy and if unchecked we could lose not only our baby but Kelly as well. It was like our worst fears being told to us.
We were then giving a schedule in which we would have to come and have blood tests and check ups on the baby and Kelly every week also Kelly was put on a strict diet where she wasn't allowed any fatty foods or sugar "which when you are pregnant is the only time that women really feel they can eat what they want when they want and that luxury had just been ripped away but on the bright side no late night trips to the supermarket looking for ice cream bit selfish i suppose but you know the cloud has a silver lining and all that" Also Kelly had to take 5 pills a day to help her liver deal with the extra load.
As we left the hospital Kelly was in tears and i did my best to reassure that everything was going to be fine and as long as we just kept doing what the doctor told us we would still get to have our little family.


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