Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life without chocolate

A month after we had been to see the doctor the new diet was starting to take its toll on Kelly. She was eating for two but only eating  grilled chicken, salads, fruit with no chocolate,no ice cream, no chips which is no fun. I myself also said i would do this diet too as by this stage phases like "well you did this to me" were starting to surface so diet i did with the odd little bit of chocolate, cakes, fry ups pretty much all the stuff i shouldn't have when Kelly wasn't around... well what she didn't know wouldn't hurt "well will hurt when she reads this.When we first went for a blood test i thought "right  up early to be first in the que no messing about" so up early we were got straight down the clinic first in the que and in the cold. The clinic didn't open until  8.30 and by that time a large que had formed. The doors opened and we were let in, straight to receptionist desk we went and presented all the forms only to be told to join the back of the large que that was behind us but filled with people that knew where they were going had had already formed at the correct door" Useless" This is how it went for a few months up early in the morning queuing up with the pensioners "who by the way can be quite vicious when they think you have pushed in front of them"  to have blood tests then off to the hospital for check ups and the results.But this one time the results came back saying that Kelly's liver was responding well the to the medication and diet which was when Kelly got to hear the doctor say one of the best things ever... " you can start ease off the diet not a lot but a little" that was it i don't think i have ever seen anyone so happy to go to Mc Donalds in my life! in fact i don't think anyone eats a big mac quite like Kelly either I mean she takes the thing a part layer by layer and then rebuilds but introduces chips into each layer until she has built a sky scraper of a burger! which is fine but by the time she has built he little project I've eaten drunk my drink and waiting in the car to leave.


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