Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shes pregnant!

Now i was so happy about Kelly (the fiance) being pregnant i knew we were great together and this would only make things better "my own little family"wasn't scary at all, it was when a few days had past when the reality of things really began to set in.
I mean i didn't regret anything just that this new world of responsibility  has suddenly descended down on me suddenly i had to start thinking about the future and not just mine......
After about 2 weeks Kelly began to experience the morning sickness and unlike the name suggests it was rarely in the morning more in the night when Kelly had to work which as you can imagine this didn't go down to well with the people she worked with and for. Now this had us really concerned as we had a to save as much as we could before she could no longer work for the seamlessly endless list of baby stuff that we needed and well what Kelly wanted.


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